UAV Service

EXTIN UAV INSPECTION is a highly specialized division of EXTIN SRL group. Forged from our roots in quality and almost thirty years of global experience, we have built a dedicated team of professionals to create a new range of services designed to bring innovation within the aerial inspection market, improving safety, quality, reduce time and costs for our customers.


To become one of the most reputed aerial services companies in the world, bringing unmatched added value to all our customers.

Our Team

We are a group of enthusiastic, passionate, and curious people with a strong propensity towards innovation, focused on eco sustainability of our operations, safeguard of our environment, health & safety of our people and our communities.


Our mission to revolutionize the drone inspection market, setting new safety standards and improving safety culture, creating a better workplace for everybody.


  • Oil & Gas
  • Renewables
  • Power Generation
  • Transport
  • Nuclear
  • Infrastructure
  • Agriculture

Our aerial fleet

We have chosen DJI Enterprise solution, the n1 DRONE company in the world, in order to offer our Clients
the most reliable and advanced technology available on the market.

  • Multiple configurations
  • RTK stabilization
  • Stable flight in strong winds
  • Rugged in resisting other than favorabl e conditions in a wide range of environ ments.
  • Electromagnetic shield
  • High resolution video/imaging
  • Thermal 640 x 512

Inspection Flow

EXTIN SRL is committed to recruit and retain the best resources available on the market. We count on internal staff professional pilots.


EXTIN SRL receives the request from a Client and immediately starts to analyze the feasibility and specific requirements to ensure full understanding of the activities to be performed.


We prepare a proposal selecting the right pilot and the right inspector (IF NEEDED), submitting CV for evaluation.


Mission Assignment preparation. Flight Team performs the inspection according to instructions and Clients Inspection specifications.


All collected data are uploaded to server and filtering process is conducted to keep only re levant data.


In case no report is required, uploaded data are immediately available to Client for download.


In case report is required, we provide reporting and then send the result to Client.

NOTE: In case of severe defects findings, EXTIN SRL will immediately contact the Client


Cloud-based software platform designed to store, analyze and share large amounts of store image-based inspection data.





Certifications and Continuous Improvement

In order to keep up with the latest standards, technologies, methodologies and systems, we are committed to continuous improvement philosophy and in house personnel training to achieve the qualifications required by the industries we serve. Personnel undergo regular training programs with both internal and external trainers.

(Environmental Management)
• Our policy is intended to prevent accidents and
injuries, increase safety awareness, meet
requirements of environmental and occupational
health and safety laws and regulations
• Reduce institutional liability, and establish safety
responsibilities for members and employees of
the EXTIN SRL group

7 Fundamentals of the
Quality Management System
• Customer Focus
• Leadership
• Process Approach
• Involvement of Staff
• Systems Approach to Management
• Continuous Improvement
• Factual Approach to Decision Making
• Mutually Beneficial Supplier Relationships

(Occupational, Health and Safety)
• We create and maintain safe working conditions in
order to safeguard our team’s health and well being
• We strive to prevent environmental pollution,
to promote the efficient use and conservation
of energy and natural resources

• Specific management system
• Inspection/Expediting
• Quality Services
• Oil & Gas
• Power Generation

Why choose us?

"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself." - Henry Ford -


SAFETY is the first thing we teach in our company, “If you do not feel safe, doesn’t matter the criticality of what you are doing, don’t do it!”. When you create a healthy and safe workplace, it means you are on the right path for a better world. A serious workplace injury or death changes lives forever, this is why SAFETY is always part of our budget, as a safety culture can save your life.

Proven experience

For over 25 years we have built up a reputation for delivering quality services all over the world. Our experience and customer retention capacity is our true presentation which speaks on our behalf.

Commitment to quality

Our work is our passion, our shareholders are all involved personally and passionately participate to the daily life of the company, and this says a lot in our true commitment to set the bar in quality services. Our consists in understanding the real needs of our Clients, building dedicated and highly tailored services.

Proactive approach

Our Proactive Approach with our sophisticated management system, allows us to see potential problems before they occur and before they are able to detrimentally impact your business. With our pre-emptive measures in place we can prevent a future problem and help you to find the best solution to maintain quality as well as delivery of your products.

A Business partner focused on added value

Our open minded and flexible attitude means we listen to what our customers have to say, our aim being to act as an integral part of your business. Our focus is on how we create added value for the client. Innovation is a key word which makes us invest time and resources, always developing new tools to improve our service and integrate them with our clients’ philosophy.

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