Continuous Quality Surveillance

The Continuous Quality Surveillance of your vendors activities is required to cover everything from the control... Read more

Technical Consulting

We provide technical consulting to our clients by supporting them in the preparation of the Project Specification /... Read more

Protective Coating Inspection

Challenges associated with protective coatings inspections include defects or failures in coating systems due to... Read more


In parallel with inspection activities, if required, periodic visits are carried out at a vendor’s premises in order to find... Read more


EX.T.IN. SRL offers a wide range of training courses in the areas of quality, health & safety, environment, welding... Read more

Welding Inspection

Weld inspections are conducted for several reasons, the most common of which is to determine whether the... Read more

UAV Service

An increasing number of Companies ask to use UAV (Unmanned aerial vehicle) for inspection as they... Read more