The expanded Luberef-II site will have an increased production capacity of 708 KMT for Group-II base oils and an additional 90 KMT for brightstock. The plant will also produce drilling fluid and speciality low viscosity oils. The expansion project is driven by scale and quality aspirations that aim to satisfy future market needs. The design and operating flexibility of the new units will give Luberef the capability to adjust to fluctuating market conditions. Furthermore, Luberef is working in collaboration with additive companies and customers to obtain the necessary technical approvals for its Group-II base oils to ensure a successful entry into the market.


CLIENT : Saudi Aramco
Contractor: Samsung Engineering
VENDOR (SUB-CON.) / PLACE : Sundyne Int. S.A., Longvic, France
ITEM DESCRIPTION : API Centrifugal Pump (High Speed)

Luberef Yanbu Refinery Expansion Project